Sexual Healing

You recline upon my bed, 
the velvet headboard rests your head.

I've waited my whole life for you
and I know you've ached for me.
I was far and you were near
boats wrecked in different seas.

Life lines penned in parallels, I never thought they'd cross.
Perhaps one night can fill the void for all the time we've lost?

Naked, in your lap, 
I gaze into your face.
Long-sought exultation lights your countenance.

I was free, then you were free,
But the stars did not align.
So now we take what's ours 
Regardless of the time.

You gently ease me down 
upon your glistening cock.
Hypnotized I drink you in
Your eyes upon me locked. 

I draw you in so far it hurts
but still I coax you deep.
Give me all your grief and shame
it's no longer yours to keep.

Your knuckles grasp and bruise me, 
grind me down into your hips
You've locked me where you want me, fastened in your grip.

My bronzed arms adorn your neck, 
strong legs enwrap your sides,
let gods and men condem me
my love I will not hide.

Greedily I pummel myself 
upon your chiseled stone.
We consummate, our spirits quake
You impale my flesh with bone.

Regret and anger tinge my joy
but before a tear can fall,
You push me down, 
your thrust so strong 
that falling are my walls.

Your strong hands hold fast my face, 
I cannot look away.
Your cock pounds me mercilessly
my demons being slayed.

Your commanding gaze 
and striking rhythm 
permit me not to wallow.
My mind is blank but my body sings 
as you fill what was once hollow.

You own me now, I'll give you all,
I'll crown you as my Master.
Just please don't stop- Don't ever stop!
my body implores, "Faster!"

You don't stop, you read me well, 
My pleasure mounts and swells…
My stomach, my thighs, 
my shuddering cunt, 
are now devouring fires.

Over and over 
your cock decimates
that sweet spot in my core.
In return I fuck back hard
my being craving, "More!"

You bring me almost to my peak
Mile-high Coaster at its crest,
Time stops then, agonized I wait 
for the Kiss of Little Death.

Over the edge 
You bring that Death,
my world now implodes.
I'm reduced to screams, moans, wails,
as ecstasy explodes.

Orgasm after orgasm consumes me
I'm completely broken down
All that matters is you in me 
Salvation now is found.

You don't pull out but abuse me deeper
until you've had your fill
My cunt becomes your Goddess now
She'll bend you to Her will.

As I take you higher, I'll salve your wounds and hurts.
The road's been long, you've stayed so strong
It's time for your dessert.

You pant and moan 
and yearn and groan
at the height of abject need
My pussy has her way with you 
until enraptured you're set free.

From the Sex-Obsessed Mind of Katya Evangeline

Katya Evangeline © 2017.

Stay with me

If you would let me

I would be yours.

I can hear your answer already. “But you already are MINE.”

No. I want to give you all of me. The ravenous primal animal that hides inside me. The stalking lone she-wolf that seeks a mate who is as wild and physical as she is…


“Take the day off of work. Stay here with me.”

“That’s so sweet,” you exclaim, as you loop your tie through the collar of your pressed shirt.

“Meet me at the nearest hotel, the fancy one by your office!” I quip, my eyes excited and hopeful.

“You know I would if I could, dear,” you concede, slipping on your wing-tipped oiled leather shoes.

“I’ll come to your office,” I offer coyly, twirling your tie, rubbing my hand over your crotch, pulling you in for a kiss.

“You are very cute” you answer glibly with a half- smile.

“Let’s have sex in your office, just this once,” I suggest shyly. My voice feels hoarse, as if I have been begging. I feel like I am running out of offers, running out of hope.

You gently loosen my grasp on your tie and your pants. You kiss my fingers, then my forehead as you disengage.

“I mean it, you know.” 

“I know you do,” you reply.

 “I will bring you a picnic lunch. We’ll close your office door. . . You can sit at your impressive office desk and send emails.”  I hear you chuckle at my idea.

“Meanwhile, I’ll do this…” 

Not one to give up easily, I again run my hands down the front of your fine italian wool pants and slide to my knees. 

“You can even have a conference call while I do this….” I bury my face in your groin and aggressively mouth your hardening cock through your pants. My lips caress and taunt your cock and I purposely breathe wet, hot moisture over your lengthening shaft. 

You lovingly lift my chin up and away from your rising length where moments ago my lips clung to you. Tenderly, you guide me to my feet and lead me downstairs. 

I plop like a discarded ragdoll into the chair you’ve pulled out for me. A hot mug of fresh coffee appears before me, the rich brown liquid swirled with cream just the way you know I like it. You take my fingers and wrap them around my steamy cup and I do my best to flash a dazzling smile. “Thank you, love.” 

You grab your briefcase and keys. My face is tired from posing and my eyes drop to stare tiredly into my cup. Only solitude will see my tears.

I feel your lips brush the crown of my damp curly hair. “You know I would love to stay here with you all day if I could. Real life doesn’t work like that, darling.” 

No, of course not. Silly, needy me.

I smell your citrusy aftershave, mixed with your clean scent, a manly smell with a whiff of sweetness. I don’t remember the last time we kissed like lovers. 

Again your lips alight upon my skin. A hint of spearmint and warmth remains where you stood, and I hear the door click closed. Your brisk steps descend down our front steps and the house falls silent.

Some days I think I would give all this up, our beautiful life, our comfortable home, the respect of our friends… All of it to have a lover who would stay the day with me, our bodies entangled together, his hot skin layered inch by inch upon mine, yearning and lonely skin feasting on the touch and feel of another.

I would revel under the weight of your body crushing me, the feel of your taut muscles as you grasp me roughly and devour me. Even if I wanted, I can’t squirm away because I am pinned beneath you and you envelope me with your strong arms. Feeling your flesh mashed together with mine is heavenly and yet it isn’t enough. I need you to fill me and make me forget the world as you ruthlessly satisfy yourself in me, and I in you.

I am not a princess but a needy, base animal that wants to lick and taste every inch of your body. I want to drag my teeth across your shoulders, nibble your ear lobes and suck angry love marks across your neck and scrumptious body. I long to bite your nipples, your back, scratch your thighs, leave my nail imprints in your juicy ass and tease your balls with my tongue and my teeth. 

My tongue will trace down your torso and your back as my mouth explores you. It makes me crazy with hunger as I massage and knead your muscles from your shoulders and work my way down your chiseled and expectant body.

I trail my tongue down the middle of your abs and wet the trail down to your turgid and dripping cock. Your cock is thick and pulses with energy and excitement. That is one strong and beautiful cock. I grasp you in my hands and enfold you in my warm mouth and your whole frame shudders with desire and pleasure. 

I worship your cock and balls with my lips and tongue. My mouth massages, kisses you hard and licks and swallows until the sinews of your thighs tremble involuntarily, your body quakes and your seed explodes past my thirsty, greedy lips. 

I feel you convulse beneath me and gasp for air as I continue to gently suck you and drain you in sweet release. I don’t normally like the taste of cum but I feel an unquenchable thirst to let you fill every part of me and consume me, so that all that is left is you in me. 

Seeing, feeling and tasting your release makes my body quiver with excitement and need. My body thrills as I feel your physical response to my touch and artistry. My cunt is overwrought, past the point of excitement. She seeps with desire as one weeps for her lover. I have never felt so empty and desperate to be filled. If I could make the ache go away I would fill myself with anything that could ease the pain of emptiness but the only thing my body craves is you.  

My body molds to yours and my legs wrap around your torso. My cunt is wet and hot against your waist, and I open myself to you, dying for you to pierce me and fill me to bursting.

I want you to ravage me as fiercely as I ravage you. I want you to pursue me and catch me and make me feel alive. I need you to mark my body with your love or your lust or your brutality. I need to feel the force of your passion for me. I hear your words and reap your care but my body….she is wanton and insatiable. 

My body doesn’t use words. My body speaks and understands touch, sensation, vibration. My body only understands the feel of your body against mine, skin against skin, tongues dancing together, lips and mouths fastened to throbbing clits, swollen cocks and dripping, ready cunts. My body knows the feel of being deliciously smothered in touch and the pain and loneliness of physical denial.

I can’t get enough of you and can’t get close enough to you. No matter how fiercely you grasp me it is never enough. I could lay with you and feast upon your flesh day and night. And yet, you rarely grasp me or pull me to you. So often, I am alone in our silent house.

Food, sleep and other comforts could forsake me. All I want is for you to stay with me, my lover, our bodies pressed skin to skin, with you filling me and satisfying me, over and over again.

Welcome to the sex-obsessed brain of Katya Evangeline! 


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All my life I’ve always felt like the PERVIEST girl (or boy or human or animal?) in the room- feeling like a sexual pariah from a young age. I know however that I am far from alone!

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I have been blogging and tweeting for many years in other forums and alter egos but the time has come for me to  “come out” and share all the thoughts and stories that I haven’t been able to express in the other areas of my life. Well, some of these thoughts and ideas I *may* have tried to express but found it was a great way to freak the shit out of people and clear the area around the water cooler!

C’mon, many of you have done it as well! Many of us with sex on the brain or who are just sexually aware have at one time made the room go silent and awkward by just mentioning a sexual subject. Not to mention the looks of horror and fear you receive if you, the Pervy Person (even more so the FEMALE Pervy Person), accidentally go “too far” by explaining how a sex toy works! The Horror!

I want to share my stories, dirty and clean, and my passion that people can be free to express their sexuality and asexuality in all of its glorious forms. I hope to meet others like me and others who want to fulfill their sexual potential despite this crazy, repressed, shame-filled and controlling society in which most of is dwell!


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