Writhing (NSFW)

Is my body.
Is my core.
are waves 
of decadent desire.

are my hips 
to take you in.
is my back,
is my being
to feel 
your flesh upon mine. 

are my breasts 
strong fingers for kneading.
are my nipples 
drawing close 
your warm mouth.

is my cunt, 
your seeping hardness. 
is the bud of my garden 
to receive your flood.

and trembling 
before you
is the whole of me.

and vulnerable 
are the secrets 
of my lonely, broken soul.
Katya Evangeline ©2017

Stay with me

If you would let me

I would be yours.

I can hear your answer already. “But you already are MINE.”

No. I want to give you all of me. The ravenous primal animal that hides inside me. The stalking lone she-wolf that seeks a mate who is as wild and physical as she is…


“Take the day off of work. Stay here with me.”

“That’s so sweet,” you exclaim, as you loop your tie through the collar of your pressed shirt.

“Meet me at the nearest hotel, the fancy one by your office!” I quip, my eyes excited and hopeful.

“You know I would if I could, dear,” you concede, slipping on your wing-tipped oiled leather shoes.

“I’ll come to your office,” I offer coyly, twirling your tie, rubbing my hand over your crotch, pulling you in for a kiss.

“You are very cute” you answer glibly with a half- smile.

“Let’s have sex in your office, just this once,” I suggest shyly. My voice feels hoarse, as if I have been begging. I feel like I am running out of offers, running out of hope.

You gently loosen my grasp on your tie and your pants. You kiss my fingers, then my forehead as you disengage.

“I mean it, you know.” 

“I know you do,” you reply.

 “I will bring you a picnic lunch. We’ll close your office door. . . You can sit at your impressive office desk and send emails.”  I hear you chuckle at my idea.

“Meanwhile, I’ll do this…” 

Not one to give up easily, I again run my hands down the front of your fine italian wool pants and slide to my knees. 

“You can even have a conference call while I do this….” I bury my face in your groin and aggressively mouth your hardening cock through your pants. My lips caress and taunt your cock and I purposely breathe wet, hot moisture over your lengthening shaft. 

You lovingly lift my chin up and away from your rising length where moments ago my lips clung to you. Tenderly, you guide me to my feet and lead me downstairs. 

I plop like a discarded ragdoll into the chair you’ve pulled out for me. A hot mug of fresh coffee appears before me, the rich brown liquid swirled with cream just the way you know I like it. You take my fingers and wrap them around my steamy cup and I do my best to flash a dazzling smile. “Thank you, love.” 

You grab your briefcase and keys. My face is tired from posing and my eyes drop to stare tiredly into my cup. Only solitude will see my tears.

I feel your lips brush the crown of my damp curly hair. “You know I would love to stay here with you all day if I could. Real life doesn’t work like that, darling.” 

No, of course not. Silly, needy me.

I smell your citrusy aftershave, mixed with your clean scent, a manly smell with a whiff of sweetness. I don’t remember the last time we kissed like lovers. 

Again your lips alight upon my skin. A hint of spearmint and warmth remains where you stood, and I hear the door click closed. Your brisk steps descend down our front steps and the house falls silent.

Some days I think I would give all this up, our beautiful life, our comfortable home, the respect of our friends… All of it to have a lover who would stay the day with me, our bodies entangled together, his hot skin layered inch by inch upon mine, yearning and lonely skin feasting on the touch and feel of another.

I would revel under the weight of your body crushing me, the feel of your taut muscles as you grasp me roughly and devour me. Even if I wanted, I can’t squirm away because I am pinned beneath you and you envelope me with your strong arms. Feeling your flesh mashed together with mine is heavenly and yet it isn’t enough. I need you to fill me and make me forget the world as you ruthlessly satisfy yourself in me, and I in you.

I am not a princess but a needy, base animal that wants to lick and taste every inch of your body. I want to drag my teeth across your shoulders, nibble your ear lobes and suck angry love marks across your neck and scrumptious body. I long to bite your nipples, your back, scratch your thighs, leave my nail imprints in your juicy ass and tease your balls with my tongue and my teeth. 

My tongue will trace down your torso and your back as my mouth explores you. It makes me crazy with hunger as I massage and knead your muscles from your shoulders and work my way down your chiseled and expectant body.

I trail my tongue down the middle of your abs and wet the trail down to your turgid and dripping cock. Your cock is thick and pulses with energy and excitement. That is one strong and beautiful cock. I grasp you in my hands and enfold you in my warm mouth and your whole frame shudders with desire and pleasure. 

I worship your cock and balls with my lips and tongue. My mouth massages, kisses you hard and licks and swallows until the sinews of your thighs tremble involuntarily, your body quakes and your seed explodes past my thirsty, greedy lips. 

I feel you convulse beneath me and gasp for air as I continue to gently suck you and drain you in sweet release. I don’t normally like the taste of cum but I feel an unquenchable thirst to let you fill every part of me and consume me, so that all that is left is you in me. 

Seeing, feeling and tasting your release makes my body quiver with excitement and need. My body thrills as I feel your physical response to my touch and artistry. My cunt is overwrought, past the point of excitement. She seeps with desire as one weeps for her lover. I have never felt so empty and desperate to be filled. If I could make the ache go away I would fill myself with anything that could ease the pain of emptiness but the only thing my body craves is you.  

My body molds to yours and my legs wrap around your torso. My cunt is wet and hot against your waist, and I open myself to you, dying for you to pierce me and fill me to bursting.

I want you to ravage me as fiercely as I ravage you. I want you to pursue me and catch me and make me feel alive. I need you to mark my body with your love or your lust or your brutality. I need to feel the force of your passion for me. I hear your words and reap your care but my body….she is wanton and insatiable. 

My body doesn’t use words. My body speaks and understands touch, sensation, vibration. My body only understands the feel of your body against mine, skin against skin, tongues dancing together, lips and mouths fastened to throbbing clits, swollen cocks and dripping, ready cunts. My body knows the feel of being deliciously smothered in touch and the pain and loneliness of physical denial.

I can’t get enough of you and can’t get close enough to you. No matter how fiercely you grasp me it is never enough. I could lay with you and feast upon your flesh day and night. And yet, you rarely grasp me or pull me to you. So often, I am alone in our silent house.

Food, sleep and other comforts could forsake me. All I want is for you to stay with me, my lover, our bodies pressed skin to skin, with you filling me and satisfying me, over and over again.

Readers and Writers Band Together to Save Lives in Chechnya

GAY AND BI MEN ARE BEING TORTURED and MURDERED in Chechnya. Here’s how you can help.

In case you haven’t heard, numerous reports have been pouring out of Russia and Chechnya that GAY and BI MEN IN CHECHNYA ARE BEING TORTURED, MURDERED AND ROUNDED UP IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Here are some ways to help save lives:


There is a really awesome ONLINE AUCTION with FABULOUS ITEMS, including tons of LGBT Books and swag, plus SUPERB WRITER’S SERVICES like professional editing services and graphic design of your to-be-published book cover.

THIS AUCTION ENDS TOMORROW, Saturday, May 13, CDT, so check it out ASAP!

The Auction is organized by Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens and they have organized many other ways to offer financial assistance. They also have a great list of ways to donate DIRECTLY to on-the-ground organizations. Click HERE for their page, more information on the Chechnya situation and ways to donate. According to their website, over $7000. has already been donated.

One of the Organizations the fundraising is supporting is the Russian LGBT Network.

According to Huff Po, the Russian LGBT Network states that they have been able to save 42 men!

Definitely check out their WONDERFUL ONLINE AUCTION featuring great items for book lovers and writers. The minimum bids are very reasonable and there are unique items. Again, the auction ends tomorrow! CHARITY AUCTION

One item I love, is an offer by Rachel Davidson Leigh, an award-winning YA author to provide an aspiring novelist a developmental beta read of your novel (novel under 90K). (I loved Leigh’s YA novel, Hold). In her offer to beta read your book, Leigh offers: Extensive margin notes and end notes and can include feedback on characterization, plot structure, tension, flow, or representation. Minimum bid is $30 however to me, the opportunity sounds priceless! Too bad I don’t have any novels ready.

There are MANY other great items as well, especially autographed books and book collections.

The Readers and Writers group have organized other ways to you can help and information on this horrible situation. Click HERE for their page and ways to donate.


Many of the articles refer to Gay Men being targeted, but I think it is safe to say that to the Chechen government, “Gay” includes Gay, Bi, and other not completely straight men.

For more information, please see Amnesty International‘s Press Release and Download their PDF for more detailed information. Amnesty International includes addresses to write government officials to affect change.

Huff Po: 42 Men Rescued was posted last night.

VICE News reported this morning about their interview with a man who was detained and tortured.

New York Times Report: ‘They Starve You. They Shock You’: Inside the Anti-Gay Pogrom in Chechnya” Here

Journalist who broke story on Chechnya forced to flee. Washington Post

UN Chief Calls for end of Campaign against Gay and Bi Men

Forbidden Writer Bares It All! About How Men Feel About Women. 

I don’t have the time I need right now to comment on this in the depth I want to…. so I will just re-post Forbidden Writer’s post for now.

Forbidden Writer responded to my Challenge to Male Writers of Romance and Erotica How Do Men Feel About Women?

(I am mega-paraphrasing his words and post title because I’m drafting this on my iphone and can’t flip back to his post.)

Forbidden Writer writes, “I don’t know if this is what you are asking for Katya…” 

But yes, this is exactly what I am asking for. I love it! 

Forbidden Writer gets naked. Naked EMOTIONALLY, readers! And it is beautiful.

Forbidden Writer on How Men Feel About Women

Can Male Writers Satisfy Women’s Hottest Romance (Novel) Fantasies? A Challenge to Men Writing Erotica and Romance!

I wrote a long comment to a post by Forbidden Writer. He wrote about the challenges a male erotica writer faces in writing a woman’s POV and erotica that appeals to women in effective and believable ways.
Forbidden Writer’s post is here, On Female Perspective. Much of my response is encompassed below.

My response to a man writing a female point of view and writing erotica that arouses and speaks to women is this:

I make a beeline for decent erotica and erotic romance written by men. I specifically BUY their work (and devour it) just like I do writing by women.

By erotic romance I mean the very popular genre novels that are mainly written and read by women and are some of the top-selling eBooks. There are few male writers that advertise or admit to writing these. Men may be writing under female or gender neutral pen names but that still supports the idea that Women’s Romance novels are considered a Woman thing.

I am cis and bi+. I know what I like about men and about women. In terms of MF romance, or any exponential mixture of M’s and F’s, I KNOW the way I would want a guy to see me, desire me and take me. This is a pretty common plot line. That probably sounds ridiculously simple and silly but the issues tackled and the way they unfold are anything but. Romance novels also have other amazing qualities and often feature independent, fierce, totally bad-ass women. (I only started reading Romance in the last 2 years- and it is a very underrated and unfairly maligned genre!) As to the Romance aspect, these novels shows how women want a man to relate to them and gives them that- even if it is an unrealistic fantasy.

In terms of romance fantasies I KNOW the way I would want a guy to perceive, desire and take me.

This genre captures and feeds the fantasies of a HUGE group of female readers. You want to know what a heck of a lot of women want? Seriously, read some romance. Just read the blurbs. I KNOW “not all women” like this genre. Maybe most women don’t enjoy them. And YES, this genre’s demographic is probably heavily cisgender, heterosexual (or bi) middle class white women. Still, if you want to write books marketed to women or want to understand what a significant chunk of female readers think- pick up some best-selling romance novels. These will SPELL out for you the type of hunk that creates spellbound readers, pebbled nipples and slick panties.

IN MY OPINION, or at least in the romance books I enjoy, I think women want to be respected, admired and worshiped-body and soul. Put another way, we expect the male love interest to fall deeply in love, lust, burning passion for the heroine because of her non-physical attributes (strength, intelligence, and independence) and only a little bit due to her unique or unsung physical traits. Due to her irresistible charms this sexual god/brute has NO CHOICE but to fall down in obeisance and worship her. Life should no longer have meaning apart from ravishing/pleasuring/claiming her.

According to romance novels, women want to be respected, admired and worshiped- body and soul. 

Image via FreeImages.com/Cherie Otto

Due to the heroine’s irresistible charms the sex-god hero has NO CHOICE but to fall down in obeisance and worship her. Life should no longer have meaning for him apart from ravishing/pleasuring/claiming her.

I admit many romances are a lot cleaner, sweeter and gentler than this. But I don’t read those. Sorry.


So, why do I crave reading erotica and romance by men? I’m looking for something.

It may be hopelessly unrealistic but I have this hope that I can read romance and erotica written by men and find that men are capable of desiring and coupling with women in the ways that a lot of women want to be desired.

My value and self-esteem are in NO WAY dependent on whether I am sexually attractive to men or to my male partner.

But in an intimate context (An APPROPRIATE, CONSENSUAL, INTIMATE CONTEXT of my choosing), I want to know what I look like in my lover’s eyes, what turns him on about me, and how he experiences me. I REALLY, REALLY want to believe that my lover, at least for that moment, finds me the most alluring, desirable woman in the world.

Many men are not verbally expressive, are not wordsmiths, may be the silent type or for other reasons don’t articulate or show women feelings that remotely resemble women’s fantasies. Maybe these romance fantasies are as unrealistic for women in the same way a man might fantasize about a harem of beautiful women who live to worship his cock. I think a man finding a woman who loves his cock IS attainable and yes, I do know many men love and worship their women.

I am jaded and cynical. I have internalized a lot of true facts about how men view and treat women and much of it is ugly. Ugly, ugly, ugly. I have had role models in my life who made their female partners feel like ugly cows. A majority of women feel insecure about their looks or value and some of that has been due to the men in their lives. Then there is the whole patriarchal downgrading of women everywhere. A close male friend once told me that in porn, and also in life, “men just want a warm hole.” God, I hope that’s not true.

My life does not depend on positive male feedback to me or womenfolk. But in my view of the world, just like I want to believe that people can be altruistic and good, I want to believe that men can value women with a healthy lust and appreciation. I have a compulsion to find evidence that men are attracted to a woman’s whole person and see us as equal and worthy intimate partners.

Maybe it is a ridiculous dream but at the very least could some of you men write fantasies validating women’s romance fantasies before these women readers and writers notice that they are just wishing on stars?

I AM morbidly pessimistic but if I never see male writers drafting heroes who satisfy female fantasies in a romantic context, I may honestly conclude that male lovers *don’t* or cannot look at their female partners in that way. And that will make me very, very sad.

So my challenge to men writing MF erotica and romance, please show me that a man could possibly fulfill those genre fantasies. You may need to pick up a few bestsellers.

Women deal with insecurity about their smell, looks, weight, worth, and their value and sometimes just EVERYTHING. They question whether guys really want them for who they are or if they are replaceable objects/orifices. Show us the fantastic ways that a man could lust after/crave/need/die for these goddesses and how a man would want to rock her core in a way that fulfills her deepest dreams. Make it clear to us that if your character can do this then by extension we will know that men are capable of loving/lusting/cherishing women in this way, too.

Male Writers: Show us the fantastic ways that a man could lust after/crave/need/die for his goddess and the ways he would rock her core and fulfill her deepest desires.

Do it for the cynical writers and readers like me? 🤗 Do it for all the romance readers who are laying on their beds dreaming of a book boyfriend to appear and satisfy their most intimate longings?


1-acts-beautiful-woman-ii-1439862 (1)
Photo via FreeImages.com/Michal Bahn

Help! I Keep Seeing Posts on Masturbation! PLUS, FREE SEX TOYS.

A weird thing keeps happening to me lately.


Weird, huh?

I admit I am being a *little* coy here. Some of them keep popping up like over-enthusiastic dicks because I *may* have been looking up WordPress tags like #erotica, #bdsm, #porn in my WordPress Reader. . . for RESEARCH purposes, of course. Cuz, I’m a scientist. A sex scientist, yeah. And I know there are better places to find porn. (But that is a subject for another time, my pervy friends!)



A company called Sexy Liberation wants to make Sex Toys available for every body!

FREE SEX TOYS, NO STRINGS ATTACHED.  Well, there are no “strings attached” to the offer. There might be cords attached connecting the battery pack to the sexy part, depending on the toy. (I don’t know if there will be, I just don’t want to mislead anyone.


Image from Sexy Liberation’s site and you can get this vibrator from them FREE here: Free Lipstick Vibe


I haven’t ordered anything from them but I did test whether shipping and handling are charged. When I went to Checkout, there did not appear to any shipping or other charges for the FREE vibes.

I want to give credit where credit is due, and I found about about Sexy Liberation through my WordPress Reader, at a site called Forbidden Writer. It was a site that I will need to check out again but I liked that Forbidden Writer seems very interested in the psychology of erotic desire. . . which I am kind of obsessed with. I talk about being obsessed with sex, but it isn’t just about the SEX, per se, but it is all the ways that sex and desire make us tick and how it does that.

Just like Sexy Liberation, I think sexual health should be available to everyone. There are sooooo many links I want to give you because I care that you all have awesome orgasms. And if you can’t figure out, I care. I mean I really, really care. *Tries not to sound, creepy.*

I should have more interesting links for you in an upcoming post. . . because all these sites and articles about masturbation seem to follow me around everywhere. It must be the universe speaking to me.


On my mind: Image Attribution, Writing Girl on Girl Action, and a Hot, Hot, Hot Snippet.

Here is what is on my mind today, interspersed with subtle cries for help- if y’all have suggestions for me…You’ll see what I mean.

Image Attribution Terror !

I had so many things I was supposed to do today.

HOWEVER, last night I mentioned to my husband that I was posting images on my blog and he started quizzing me on the licensing and attribution rules and he scared the crap out of me. Without divulging details, my husband knows his shit on this and since I don’t want to be sued and I don’t want to have a picture-less blog, I made sure I had proper attribution or removed the image from my site. Even then, since I used them from a site that doesn’t “indemnify” you if you get sued for infringement, attribution doesn’t guarantee you won’t have problems.

It took hours to try to add text attribution to photos I wanted to use for my profile pics. I tried out almost TEN crappy, crappy Microsoft Store Apps that purportedly allow you to add text to or on the face of the photo itself and there was only one that allowed me to add text AND gave me a final photo that had enough pixels to be seen on Gravatar and WordPress. *I fume silently.*

The WINNING PROGRAM was TextTouch. The developer’s website says that he got mad at the Microsoft Store and that Microsoft refuses to sell his product (or something like that). That’s weird since I downloaded it today. Here is the https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/texttouch/9wzdncrdq207 so get it while it is hot.

Here is my first plea: If you all have recommendations for good websites for stock images that are free, easy to use and or attribute, or at least a low cost, please let me know. If you have a better way and I am doing this all wrong don’t be shy and lemme know, pretty please.

I am just about ready to pay money for a subscription…well… almost. By the way, I don’t understand why photographers & sites offering “free” and “royalty-free” pics but want attribution don’t have an easy way to embed it or have an “easy button” to do it. I would be so happy to give them credit and spread the word about their lovely photos! Ugghh. I have tried some of the famous museum sites in the past and it has been a huge time suck and the attribution was kind of complicated for me.

I am pretty sure I need to start taking my own pictures or pulling out my drawing pad…which is something else I don’t have time for! So yeah…now you know why there are no sexy pictures today…

So… Images, help me blogging gurus and techies?

I’m Nervous about sharing the Girl on Girl Sex Scene I Wrote

My last post was My Frozen Heart (Jen’s Story, Part 1) . It is the first time I have ever written and shared creative writing of any type. I have Parts 2 and 3 written but I wanted time to re-review before posting. I am also a little nervous. I have written a girl on girl sex scene and writing about this is new territory. Writing and ACTUALLY SHARING my work is something I haven’t done. I have written (or have ideas) about plenty other types of couplings to myself Male/Female scenes, and all sorts of er hmm… groupings, but writing about weeping pussies and hard dicks… I am kind of nervous.

I admit, IMO, I can think of all more to say about a woman’s sexiness, desires and reactions. I know what I like in men, but trying to figure out how to talk about that sexy V shape where a guy’s cut torso flows into his hips and just peeks out of some really low cut jeans…that are maybe in the process of coming off…  Ok, maybe I can write that part, but describing a dick? I’m still working on it. I guess I need to do more research maybe.

So…if any of you bi or lesbian ladies wanted to peek at my girl on girl story, I just might let you….let me know if you might be interested. At first I just wanted get the rest of the story posted but I think I might run it by some other pervy writers that I know… I just want to give y’all the most authentic- no wait- we don’t always want authentic- so I will settle for a believable but hopefully moisture inducing and cock swelling story. Well, I’ll try my best.

And last, a HOT, HOT Story

As I have been cruising around WordPress and sampling the works of so many of you- there are a lot of amazing, super hot blogs out there. Let me say, I am thoroughly enjoy them.

A came across a new blog, which looks like it is about 5 days old, and I loved what I read.

Check out the The Single Slut here on WordPress. But first just go to the link below, cause her tale of finally getting together with a trucker girl is so. so. so. hot. At least, I really enjoyed. So check it out! It sounds like she want to tell us all about her sexy encounters and it looks like it will be a very enjoyable ride. Heh, heh, heh.

Fun with a girl I met online, our first encounter.

via Thursday April 20 2017- The trucker our sexual encounter on our first meeting — the single slut – a single sexy girls encounters

My Frozen Heart (Jen’s “Ex-Gay” Romance, Part 1)

This is Part 1 of a story I wrote about a young woman named Jen. At one time in her life, she realized that she might be gay or bisexual. She fled to a Christian community that promised her that if she believed in Jesus then God could make her “normal.” They assured her that she really could Pray the Gay Away. And she did. It seemed to work. For a while.

But eventually, as many other victims of the Religious Right, the Anti-Gay and Ex-Gay movements can attest, the Ex-Gay/Anti-Gay/Homophobic thing falls apart and hopefully, hopefully some of the movements’ victims find the knowledge, strength and support to rebuild their lives.

This is the first story I have EVER posted online or shared with another person. I hope you like it. Part One is not very steamy. Part 2 gets a little juicier. Part 3 gets very hot and juicy. But first things first,  Jen has a lot of shit to sort through.

In case you are wondering, this story is not autobiographical, although my fictional character, Jen, and I have shared some similar experiences. Which ones? I’ll never tell.


Content Warning: This story (in various parts or chapters) will contain same sex romance, kissing and hot, explicit sex between 2 females. Jen’s story is critical of evangelical religion and deals with faith, religion and LGBTQ identity. If you have a problem with same-sex relationships and explicit sex, LGBTQ relationships or any of the aforementioned topics please stop reading now find a different blog to read. You will not be happy here. Thanks!

Part 1 of Jen’s Story, below, is Rated PG and doesn’t contain explicit sex. (Sorry, you will have to wait until part 2 or 3 for more sexy details.)

However, due to the other chapters of this story please be 18 years and older in order to read this story.


Image via FreeImages.com/Stockers9

My Frozen Heart: Jen’s Story, Part 1.

“This is about Us, isn’t it,” Sarah says, her eyes piercing me.

I take a step back, trying to recover my personal space, like a buffer zone of safety, my mind reeling.

“No.” “Absolutely not!” I spit out quickly, walking backwards and stepping behind the podium installed in the front of the room. I shakily try to pull out my ever placid “minister’s” face, the front that I have worn for the past 3 years that fits like an eye-pleasing but life-constricting Victorian gown.

“It’s not like that,” I mumble glumly, looking down at the empty surface of the podium, as if I can find speech notes there to save me.

Silence overtakes the room. I stare at my hands.

Sarah has always been the quiet and gentle one. She never pokes or prods but I know that this time she is not going to let me out of this room until she has the answers she needs. The answers we both know she deserves.

I feel breath in my ear. With one hand she touches my shoulder and with the other I feel her small, strong fingers intertwining with mine. Tenderly and gently, she turns me away from the podium and into the circle of her arms.

I refuse to look at her, inspecting my scuffed black work boots.

She pulls me close, so her lips are almost touching the side of my face. The warmth from her sweet, heart shaped face radiates onto the side of my face and the curve of my neck. I feel her warm moist breath tickling my ear.

I pretend my body is encased in ice. I command my body to feel nothing. “Please don’t do this to me,” I think silently.

Her small mouth speaks clearly, calmly, forcing my heart to listen to her. “Jen.”  “I am going to ask you something, Jen. Please, please be completely honest with me.”

“Of course.” I creak out. “I’ve never lied to you.” I resist the urge to turn and whisper this into her hair.

Still gripping my shoulder, the strength of her deceptively tiny frame restrains me in her embrace. With her other hand, she grasps my chin firmly, and pulls my face toward hers, giving me no choice but to look directly into her eyes.

“You’ve been a full time campus minister for the last three years . . .”

I nod, gulp and break eye contact, knowing and hating where her line of questioning is going. My heart race speeds up and I resist the urge to move away or flee. She deserves to ask these questions. I owe her that.

“In the past, you shared your testimony about how God changed you from being gay or bisexual . . . I remember how you used to share your story when you preached on campus. . .” She continues in her softest voice, “I haven’t heard you tell that story for at least a year.” “I need you to tell me how you feel about me. About us.”

Continue reading

Welcome to the sex-obsessed brain of Katya Evangeline! 


Image via FreeImages.com/Arjun Kartha
Welcome to my new site! Check back here for stories and news related to sex, sexual freedom and all things pertaining to earthly delights!

All my life I’ve always felt like the PERVIEST girl (or boy or human or animal?) in the room- feeling like a sexual pariah from a young age. I know however that I am far from alone!

Image via Freeimages.com/Ignacio Leonardi
I have been blogging and tweeting for many years in other forums and alter egos but the time has come for me to  “come out” and share all the thoughts and stories that I haven’t been able to express in the other areas of my life. Well, some of these thoughts and ideas I *may* have tried to express but found it was a great way to freak the shit out of people and clear the area around the water cooler!

C’mon, many of you have done it as well! Many of us with sex on the brain or who are just sexually aware have at one time made the room go silent and awkward by just mentioning a sexual subject. Not to mention the looks of horror and fear you receive if you, the Pervy Person (even more so the FEMALE Pervy Person), accidentally go “too far” by explaining how a sex toy works! The Horror!

I want to share my stories, dirty and clean, and my passion that people can be free to express their sexuality and asexuality in all of its glorious forms. I hope to meet others like me and others who want to fulfill their sexual potential despite this crazy, repressed, shame-filled and controlling society in which most of is dwell!


In the meantime, please join me on Twitter @KatyaEvangeline.

I love to chat on Twitter, meet like-minded explorers and pass on helpful info. I’m almost always up for talking about sex….and other stuff too!

Image via FreeImages.com/Oliver Gruener