Contact Katya

Please follow me on Twitter @KatyaEvangeline.  I love to connect on Twitter about blogging, erotica, writing, sexual freedom & expression and sex-ed!

Email: KatyaEvangeline at

At the current time, I will try to follow back blogs that are enjoyable and tangentially related to mine here on WordPress (especially blogs that I can follow in my WP reader). So far, the WP platform does not seem to have an easy way to determine whether I am following back.

If you follow me, blog about similar interests and I have missed your blog,  please send me an email or send me a message on Twitter with a link to your blog and I will try to catch up! Also if you know a better way for me to manage my followers and follow backs please let me know!

If you blog about interests that are diametrically opposite to mine, or your blog is just plain mean, homophobic, racist, anti-woman, etc., then please don't hold your breath waiting for me to follow back. 😏