“I’ll Pleasure You” – (NSFW) VenusandEros on Worshipping Her With His Tongue.

Hello, my sexy friends!

Through online writer’s groups, my personal network of sexy and pervy friends, and connections I’ve made through social media and blogging I’ve had a chance to meet delightful people and writers. It has been exciting to hash out words and concepts, and receive and give advice and critiques with other bloggers and erotica writers.

Following some discussions, a fellow blogger who writes as Venus and Eros , forwarded this piece to me. I love everything about it.

It is about a guy who is away from his lover but delights in the thought that she might fantasize about him as she brings herself to orgasm.

I made minor edits to VenusandEros’ post and picked the title of this post.

Here are some of things I love about this piece.

1)  It is so sexy the way this man lovingly imagines, in tender detail, how he would use his tongue, lips teeth and face to make love to his lover’s pussy, clit and cunt. I love this view, written by a male which shows me how much he appreciates and adores his lover’s delicate anatomy, her scent and her reactions to his ministrations.

2) A lot of women who enjoy receiving oral sex worry about whether their partner likes performing it and worry about a guy’s reaction to their lady parts. Although VenusandEros can’t speak for all men, he is living proof that definitely, there are guys who can’t get enough of a woman’s taste, touch, scent and drawing forth her most delicious orgasm!

3) If you don’t like to read about anal sex then you probably want to skip the last half. If you don’t mind hearing about back-door action and understand that giving and receiving anal sex can be very enjoyable for everyone then maybe you will see what I see.

VenusandEros’ narrator just can’t get enough of his lover’s body, and for the most part is concerned with giving his woman the most epic orgasm. It’s reflected in his probing lovemaking, in the way he looks at her and in the way he wraps himself around her to hold her as they drift off to sleep.


I hope you get off thinking of me.  I love thinking of you giving yourself pleasure.

I wish I could lay between your legs and use my mouth.  I’m really good at using my mouth.  I don’t mean to sound cocky.  I just know how to react to your reactions.  The best give-away is the sweet sounds you make.  And then there is the thing that doesn’t lie, your wetness.

I’d take my time to get you hot and fired up, put my lips over your clitoral area and suck it into my mouth.  And while never losing suction, perhaps only increasing it, my tongue and my teeth would stimulate your jewel.  I’d use my teeth to hold it and stroke it with my tongue.  I’d release it and use my tongue to come back up your u-spot (the area above your urethra opening which leads back up to your clit) and repeat the process.

My instincts would have me devour you, but I’ll hold back just yet.  I may let myself go, releasing myself just a little to shove my whole face into your pussy and rub my face there, covering my face in your delightful juice.  Breathing your scent would make me want to howl like a primal beast but I’ll try to keep it to growls and moans.

And then I’ll pleasure you more.  I’d scoop your ass check into my hand to lift you up and draw you nearer.  When I bring you to orgasm, and I will, you aren’t done yet. As I bring you to orgasm and you try to pull away, I’d hold your ass tight and keep my tongue lightly laid against your clit allowing the waves of your orgasm to course through you again and again, several times.

Then I’d have to take you like I stole you.  I’d throw you on your side and shove your knees into your large sexy breasts. I’d drop to my knees gazing at your ass with a wild look, lift your ass cheek and insert my dripping, rock hard dick inside you.  My arms secure your stomach and back tightly, and as I fuck you I pull your body in towards me as hard as I could so each thrust would hit as hard and deep as possible. As I do this, I can’t take my eyes off of you.  

As I observe myself fucking you, getting even more turned on by your feminine and voluptuous shape, I’d look at your eyes and lock onto yours and never slow my thrust.  I’d fuck you steadily, hard and fast.  I fuck you until my perineal space burns with its desire to fire from my loins into your cunt.  I close my eyes, increasing  the speed and force of my thrust, my groan and scream painting a smile across your face as you feel me cum inside you and the strength of my body subsides.  

I slowly stroke and release the pressure by which I’m holding you.  I look down at you like the treasure you are and I fall down next to you, our combined liquid spilling over both our legs as my dick slides across you.  I smile.  I kiss your back.  I reach my arm over your side, clasping both your breasts, and I fall asleep with you.

Writhing (NSFW)

Is my body.
Is my core.
are waves 
of decadent desire.

are my hips 
to take you in.
is my back,
is my being
to feel 
your flesh upon mine. 

are my breasts 
strong fingers for kneading.
are my nipples 
drawing close 
your warm mouth.

is my cunt, 
your seeping hardness. 
is the bud of my garden 
to receive your flood.

and trembling 
before you
is the whole of me.

and vulnerable 
are the secrets 
of my lonely, broken soul.
Katya Evangeline ©2017

Help! I Keep Seeing Posts on Masturbation! PLUS, FREE SEX TOYS.

A weird thing keeps happening to me lately.


Weird, huh?

I admit I am being a *little* coy here. Some of them keep popping up like over-enthusiastic dicks because I *may* have been looking up WordPress tags like #erotica, #bdsm, #porn in my WordPress Reader. . . for RESEARCH purposes, of course. Cuz, I’m a scientist. A sex scientist, yeah. And I know there are better places to find porn. (But that is a subject for another time, my pervy friends!)



A company called Sexy Liberation wants to make Sex Toys available for every body!

FREE SEX TOYS, NO STRINGS ATTACHED.  Well, there are no “strings attached” to the offer. There might be cords attached connecting the battery pack to the sexy part, depending on the toy. (I don’t know if there will be, I just don’t want to mislead anyone.


Image from Sexy Liberation’s site and you can get this vibrator from them FREE here: Free Lipstick Vibe


I haven’t ordered anything from them but I did test whether shipping and handling are charged. When I went to Checkout, there did not appear to any shipping or other charges for the FREE vibes.

I want to give credit where credit is due, and I found about about Sexy Liberation through my WordPress Reader, at a site called Forbidden Writer. It was a site that I will need to check out again but I liked that Forbidden Writer seems very interested in the psychology of erotic desire. . . which I am kind of obsessed with. I talk about being obsessed with sex, but it isn’t just about the SEX, per se, but it is all the ways that sex and desire make us tick and how it does that.

Just like Sexy Liberation, I think sexual health should be available to everyone. There are sooooo many links I want to give you because I care that you all have awesome orgasms. And if you can’t figure out, I care. I mean I really, really care. *Tries not to sound, creepy.*

I should have more interesting links for you in an upcoming post. . . because all these sites and articles about masturbation seem to follow me around everywhere. It must be the universe speaking to me.


Welcome to the sex-obsessed brain of Katya Evangeline! 


Image via FreeImages.com/Arjun Kartha
Welcome to my new site! Check back here for stories and news related to sex, sexual freedom and all things pertaining to earthly delights!

All my life I’ve always felt like the PERVIEST girl (or boy or human or animal?) in the room- feeling like a sexual pariah from a young age. I know however that I am far from alone!

Image via Freeimages.com/Ignacio Leonardi
I have been blogging and tweeting for many years in other forums and alter egos but the time has come for me to  “come out” and share all the thoughts and stories that I haven’t been able to express in the other areas of my life. Well, some of these thoughts and ideas I *may* have tried to express but found it was a great way to freak the shit out of people and clear the area around the water cooler!

C’mon, many of you have done it as well! Many of us with sex on the brain or who are just sexually aware have at one time made the room go silent and awkward by just mentioning a sexual subject. Not to mention the looks of horror and fear you receive if you, the Pervy Person (even more so the FEMALE Pervy Person), accidentally go “too far” by explaining how a sex toy works! The Horror!

I want to share my stories, dirty and clean, and my passion that people can be free to express their sexuality and asexuality in all of its glorious forms. I hope to meet others like me and others who want to fulfill their sexual potential despite this crazy, repressed, shame-filled and controlling society in which most of is dwell!


In the meantime, please join me on Twitter @KatyaEvangeline.

I love to chat on Twitter, meet like-minded explorers and pass on helpful info. I’m almost always up for talking about sex….and other stuff too!

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