Your Favorite Toy (Love Note From A Slave)

NSFW! If BDSM, Explicit or mature themes and language bother or offend you, or if you aren’t of legal age in your state or country, PLEASE STOP READING.


I don’t want a quiet night with you.

I kneel at your feet. I bow my head for your collar and I offer myself to you.

I belong to you but I don’t remember the last time you used me till I feel obliterated yet whole.

I know I’m yours but I need you to show me.

I need to feel the discomfort of your bit and bridle, your strength as you pull the reins and the vibration and bite of your whip. I need your hands fondling, roving or disciplining every inch of my body.

My mind and heart know our bond but my body must feel it to believe.

My flesh and bone respond only to sensation, limbs entwined, skin brushing skin, body crushed against body. Your tongue in my mouth and my mouth relishing your penetration.

My head understands how much I mean to you but my body needs to feel it.

You are the only one that ever made me want to kneel and you are the only one still.

Show me you haven’t forgotten me, that your toy pleases you. Fuck me like you don’t need my consent. Because you don’t. Not tonight.

Debase me and own me. Tell me I’m your Cuntslave and that you’ll keep me because I’m your property with which you will never part. I’m your favorite fucktoy, your most beautiful pet and no one serves you like I do.

I need you to fuck and fill all of my holes so that your juice trickles from my ass and pussy and your cum dribbles down my chin.

Do you see how I need that, Daddy?

Overpower me, force me, take all your pleasure from me. I don’t need to cum. I just need you to use me tonight.

Use me hard like I’m a lifeless Love Doll, a Sleeping Beauty, I give you my consent. Don’t ask me what I want. I want you to take it all.

Use me till I am a helpless and ravaged princess, unable to move from soreness and exhaustion. Please take your fill of me.

I want your scent and the sweat of your skin over every inch of my body, your essence overtaking the fragrance of my arousal.

If I’m like a bitch in heat then mark and claim me like the possessive bull that you are.

I know you want me. I know you need me. Use my body like you’ve never used it before.

Make my body understand what my heart already knows; I’m your most beloved slave and that you are keeping me for life.

Images: Top Image via Pixabay/Baruska

Bottom Image via Pixabay/Ivanovgood.



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