Thank You Readers and Friends!!!!

Hey Sexy Friends!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted but life was pretty consuming for a while!

I’ve been surviving and enjoying (or at least learning to appreciate) the funny incidents, joys & travails of life. I’m excited to catch up with those of you who have been blogging tirelessly (or hell, taking a break) and all you non-bloggers who have also been enjoying or hating or relaxing whatever craziness life has sprung on you.

Starting this blog over a year ago was an experiment for me. I wanted to share some of my dirty thoughts and stories and my “Personal Testimony”- not about the saving power of religion but about the healing power of sexual freedom and self acceptance.

Starting to write about erotica and sexuality, giving myself the freedom to be myself and share that with the world was sort of a watershed moment for me. Part of this transformative experience has been the friendship, support, encouragement and feedback I’ve gotten from you all, fellow bloggers, my Twitter buddies, readers and friends.

Thanks so much for reading and interacting with me. I started this blog asking people to join me because I wanted to blog and encourage and rant about sexuality and the struggle it is to figure this stuff and you all showed up. You can’t know how much your support means to me and the ways you’ve helped me grow as a writer and person.


I have a lot more thoughts and rants about sex, sexuality, repression, shame and freedom so I look forward to sharing more and learning more from all if you as well!!!

Top Image via Pixabay/Stocksnap

Bottom Image via Pixabay/Rawpixel.


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