Sexual Healing

You recline upon my bed, 
the velvet headboard rests your head.

I've waited my whole life for you
and I know you've ached for me.
I was far and you were near
boats wrecked in different seas.

Life lines penned in parallels, I never thought they'd cross.
Perhaps one night can fill the void for all the time we've lost?

Naked, in your lap, 
I gaze into your face.
Long-sought exultation lights your countenance.

I was free, then you were free,
But the stars did not align.
So now we take what's ours 
Regardless of the time.

You gently ease me down 
upon your glistening cock.
Hypnotized I drink you in
Your eyes upon me locked. 

I draw you in so far it hurts
but still I coax you deep.
Give me all your grief and shame
it's no longer yours to keep.

Your knuckles grasp and bruise me, 
grind me down into your hips
You've locked me where you want me, fastened in your grip.

My bronzed arms adorn your neck, 
strong legs enwrap your sides,
let gods and men condem me
my love I will not hide.

Greedily I pummel myself 
upon your chiseled stone.
We consummate, our spirits quake
You impale my flesh with bone.

Regret and anger tinge my joy
but before a tear can fall,
You push me down, 
your thrust so strong 
that falling are my walls.

Your strong hands hold fast my face, 
I cannot look away.
Your cock pounds me mercilessly
my demons being slayed.

Your commanding gaze 
and striking rhythm 
permit me not to wallow.
My mind is blank but my body sings 
as you fill what was once hollow.

You own me now, I'll give you all,
I'll crown you as my Master.
Just please don't stop- Don't ever stop!
my body implores, "Faster!"

You don't stop, you read me well, 
My pleasure mounts and swells…
My stomach, my thighs, 
my shuddering cunt, 
are now devouring fires.

Over and over 
your cock decimates
that sweet spot in my core.
In return I fuck back hard
my being craving, "More!"

You bring me almost to my peak
Mile-high Coaster at its crest,
Time stops then, agonized I wait 
for the Kiss of Little Death.

Over the edge 
You bring that Death,
my world now implodes.
I'm reduced to screams, moans, wails,
as ecstasy explodes.

Orgasm after orgasm consumes me
I'm completely broken down
All that matters is you in me 
Salvation now is found.

You don't pull out but abuse me deeper
until you've had your fill
My cunt becomes your Goddess now
She'll bend you to Her will.

As I take you higher, I'll salve your wounds and hurts.
The road's been long, you've stayed so strong
It's time for your dessert.

You pant and moan 
and yearn and groan
at the height of abject need
My pussy has her way with you 
until enraptured you're set free.

From the Sex-Obsessed Mind of Katya Evangeline

Katya Evangeline © 2017.



    • I think your compliment is one of the greatest I’ve ever received! Poetic and raunchy, emotion and lust! Thank you!!!

      As to your question, these lovers don’t necessarily need to be having an adulterous affair. Many other stories include specific details to tie the eroticism to clear-cut roles: Dom/Sub, Teacher-Student, Priest & Parishioner….But I tried to leave this one open to interpretation.

      These lovers have a number of obstacles that have kept them apart and they face some other sort of shame, societal or family disapproval or taboo… and it sounds like bad timing has kept them apart…I think there are some serious religious taboos that weigh people down and in the circles I’ve been in ANY sort of tryst (including 2 unmarried virgins who can’t fight their feelings anymore 😂) where a person gives into temptation is an invitation for hellfire and damnation! It could be a widow & widower…

      I can think of many situations like this…In the state where I live, FORNICATION is literally a cri

      Liked by 1 person

    • I tried to include a happier ending for YOU especially… after your insightful comment on Stay With Me. I’m trying to “write through the pain” 😂 and still have a happier ending…This one still felt pretty tortured to me…lol…you have no idea how hard the ending was for me to write!

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s exactly why the ending feels much more profound. The emotions feel genuine, and I truly feel like I was in that room, and in the character’s mind. I felt the closure they sought, as well as their satisfaction.

        I’m honestly excited to see what else you can do! Also remember, write where the joy is, too.

        Liked by 1 person

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