“Hot Anal Sex!” VenusAndEros’ Response to “Stay With Me” 

A favorite fellow blogger of mine, erotica writer VenusAndEros wrote a fantastic response to my earlier post Stay With Me.*** I was thrilled to read it, in more ways than one! 😜

I thought it was super hot. Let me know what you think and be sure to check out and follow VenusAndEros’s blog. From what I know about him as a writer, he has been studying women and how to please them for quite some time now…and it shows!

As always, I can’t generalize as to what all women find sexy but I always find VenusAndEros ‘s stories passionate and arousing!

***As an aside, VenusAndEros is part of my network of fellow bloggers and online friends. I’ve interacted with him publicly on other blogs and forums, along with some other bloggers and writers that I know. In other words, I know him. 

I say this because my blog is not an open forum of any sort so if you write a response to any of my posts, please tell me about it in the comment section of my post and/or link back to my post in yours. That way, I and all of my readers can enjoy it and be introduced to your blog! I am not necessarily able to respond to or repost unsolicited submissions or emails.





FROM my fellow sex freak, VenusAndEros….


Venus & Eros

Here is the link to Stay With Me, written by Katya Evangeline; https://katyaevangeline.wordpress.com/2017/05/25/stay-with-me/

I crave your touch and can’t wait till I can penetrate your hot wet pussy.

I smash against your skin and hear the sound and smell the scent of sweat and bodily fluids as I enter you. Our wetness is locked in the hair surrounding my dick, my balls feel your juice as it drips down that beautiful space and pools in your asshole, where I want to put my tongue first and then my finger.

My cock fills your hungry pussy.  I insert my finger into your pretty ass, slick and lubed from your dripping wetness. As you greedily moan and buck against my hand,  I give you two more fingers but your eagerness is not satisfied.

I pull my hard and dripping cock out of your pussy and slowly twirl it around your asshole as…

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  1. Your friend have a vivid detail about passion and being sensual.

    My apologies for not responding. I find your blog to be very interesting and never known anyone here on WordPress community to talk about sex and is not afraid to talk about the subject. That is good and I’m always open minded to follow interesting bloggers.

    Hope you didn’t trip out on my work or found it weird. I saw you liked a couple of my stuff.
    I’m weird as hell when it comes to writing weird experimental poems. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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