Readers and Writers Band Together to Save Lives in Chechnya

GAY AND BI MEN ARE BEING TORTURED and MURDERED in Chechnya. Here’s how you can help.

In case you haven’t heard, numerous reports have been pouring out of Russia and Chechnya that GAY and BI MEN IN CHECHNYA ARE BEING TORTURED, MURDERED AND ROUNDED UP IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Here are some ways to help save lives:


There is a really awesome ONLINE AUCTION with FABULOUS ITEMS, including tons of LGBT Books and swag, plus SUPERB WRITER’S SERVICES like professional editing services and graphic design of your to-be-published book cover.

THIS AUCTION ENDS TOMORROW, Saturday, May 13, CDT, so check it out ASAP!

The Auction is organized by Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens and they have organized many other ways to offer financial assistance. They also have a great list of ways to donate DIRECTLY to on-the-ground organizations. Click HERE for their page, more information on the Chechnya situation and ways to donate. According to their website, over $7000. has already been donated.

One of the Organizations the fundraising is supporting is the Russian LGBT Network.

According to Huff Po, the Russian LGBT Network states that they have been able to save 42 men!

Definitely check out their WONDERFUL ONLINE AUCTION featuring great items for book lovers and writers. The minimum bids are very reasonable and there are unique items. Again, the auction ends tomorrow! CHARITY AUCTION

One item I love, is an offer by Rachel Davidson Leigh, an award-winning YA author to provide an aspiring novelist a developmental beta read of your novel (novel under 90K). (I loved Leigh’s YA novel, Hold). In her offer to beta read your book, Leigh offers: Extensive margin notes and end notes and can include feedback on characterization, plot structure, tension, flow, or representation. Minimum bid is $30 however to me, the opportunity sounds priceless! Too bad I don’t have any novels ready.

There are MANY other great items as well, especially autographed books and book collections.

The Readers and Writers group have organized other ways to you can help and information on this horrible situation. Click HERE for their page and ways to donate.


Many of the articles refer to Gay Men being targeted, but I think it is safe to say that to the Chechen government, “Gay” includes Gay, Bi, and other not completely straight men.

For more information, please see Amnesty International‘s Press Release and Download their PDF for more detailed information. Amnesty International includes addresses to write government officials to affect change.

Huff Po: 42 Men Rescued was posted last night.

VICE News reported this morning about their interview with a man who was detained and tortured.

New York Times Report: ‘They Starve You. They Shock You’: Inside the Anti-Gay Pogrom in Chechnya” Here

Journalist who broke story on Chechnya forced to flee. Washington Post

UN Chief Calls for end of Campaign against Gay and Bi Men


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