Forbidden Writer Bares It All! About How Men Feel About Women. 

I don’t have the time I need right now to comment on this in the depth I want to…. so I will just re-post Forbidden Writer’s post for now.

Forbidden Writer responded to my Challenge to Male Writers of Romance and Erotica How Do Men Feel About Women?

(I am mega-paraphrasing his words and post title because I’m drafting this on my iphone and can’t flip back to his post.)

Forbidden Writer writes, “I don’t know if this is what you are asking for Katya…” 

But yes, this is exactly what I am asking for. I love it! 

Forbidden Writer gets naked. Naked EMOTIONALLY, readers! And it is beautiful.

Forbidden Writer on How Men Feel About Women



  1. I’ve always felt that women are deliciously and maddeningly insane. We know what they want – that’s not hard to understand but because women are so dynamically emotional, it can seem that they know but also don’t know what they want, how they want to be treated and to cover up whatever uncertainty they have about themselves, well, a girl has to have some secrets and that air of mystery.

    Every time we think we understand a woman, we find out that we really don’t, like, how can you tell me exactly how to deal with you and when I do that, that’s not how you want to be dealt with? Women want us to desire and lust after them… and not so much; they want us to always be truthful and honest with them… nah, not really.

    This… fluidity makes us guys damned if we do and damned if we don’t and what drives most of us crazy – and makes us look clueless and incompetent – is that women steadfastly believe that they should always behave in a chaotic and unpredictable manner then give us the business because we can’t keep up. However, James Coburn, in his role of Derek Flint, said that the best way to get along with women is to not compete with them; so I learned to just accept the insane nature of women and go with the flow of their insanity instead of trying to overcome it… or make any sense of it.

    Women would have us believe that they’re not hard to understand but, honestly, quantum mechanics is easier to understand than any woman I’ve ever known. I love women… but y’all need some serious help…

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    • LOL. (Quantum mechanics is easier to understand and we need some serious help!) Good and very humorous points!

      How about we sum it up like this: We woman want what we want, the way we want it, when we want it! Now, what is so difficult about that? Sheesh!


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