Welcome to the sex-obsessed brain of Katya Evangeline! 


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Welcome to my new site! Check back here for stories and news related to sex, sexual freedom and all things pertaining to earthly delights!

All my life I’ve always felt like the PERVIEST girl (or boy or human or animal?) in the room- feeling like a sexual pariah from a young age. I know however that I am far from alone!

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I have been blogging and tweeting for many years in other forums and alter egos but the time has come for me to  “come out” and share all the thoughts and stories that I haven’t been able to express in the other areas of my life. Well, some of these thoughts and ideas I *may* have tried to express but found it was a great way to freak the shit out of people and clear the area around the water cooler!

C’mon, many of you have done it as well! Many of us with sex on the brain or who are just sexually aware have at one time made the room go silent and awkward by just mentioning a sexual subject. Not to mention the looks of horror and fear you receive if you, the Pervy Person (even more so the FEMALE Pervy Person), accidentally go “too far” by explaining how a sex toy works! The Horror!

I want to share my stories, dirty and clean, and my passion that people can be free to express their sexuality and asexuality in all of its glorious forms. I hope to meet others like me and others who want to fulfill their sexual potential despite this crazy, repressed, shame-filled and controlling society in which most of is dwell!


In the meantime, please join me on Twitter @KatyaEvangeline.

I love to chat on Twitter, meet like-minded explorers and pass on helpful info. I’m almost always up for talking about sex….and other stuff too!

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    • Thanks so much! It has taken me a long time to get here so this is kind of a big step for me! So many people go through life thinking about sex all the time but we have to pretend we don’t or we are [fill in the blank or add own label depending on age, race & gender: slut/pervert/oversexed/inappropriate/creeper/dirty old man/milf/cougar]. So in that vein- thanks for reading and commenting! It means a lot!

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      • You’re welcome. I’ve finished reading your other posts and I think you won’t have any problems expressing yourself as well as satisfying your readers (i mean i became quite flustered reading some of it 😉 ). So don’t even worry, you just pour your heart and you sex-obsessed brain out on this blog, we are all interested in getting a peek into you. 🙂

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  1. Looking forward to hearing your stories. I too suffer from those quirky moments when the room goes silent and your friends pat you o. The head and go ahh, we love you. My friends at this point in my like know that my mind is a dangerous place for any vanilla folk and they understand that and has long accepted that something kinky will come out of my mouth at some point during the party. 👍

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    • It is good to have friends that can handle us! Still, especially since I am female I think it might be a *little* weirder for people to consider me the pervert in the room…but maybe not! I still kind of love it. We can’t really be anyone else, right?


      • I use to hold my comments back more often than I do now. There are very few friends that I hang out with that I try to be more proper in their presents, but most of my friends can take it now. For you, I don’t think being female has a whole lot to do with it. It’s merely the friends you hang out with. I’m sure you have the ones you would never make a kink comment around and others that would get what you’re saying when you say “Grandma’s chicken salad ;)” It’s all about who you are around at the time. Your taking a good step and surrounding yourself with like wise kinkters like me 😉 that will want you to be open and have the “good” conversations with!

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      • I was hoping to meet and connect/network with people like you! There many like us- but isolated- and it can be demoralizing without getting back some delightfully FREAKY KINKY DIRTY AFFIRMATION!


    • I *mostly* write in secrecy… KE is a pen name but I’ve shared with some people (who I think won’t freak out completely) and as I go I want to tell more people… That goes back to this urge to be myself…. and I never hid it very well! 😳

      I realized that it was hard for me to make friends and connect with other people IRL if I am hiding important segments of my personality….

      Do you wish you could tell people? All your hard work and you can’t share it w people who know you.

      However I bet you’ve found your kinky, pervy community here online! Thank goodness for the internet!

      I am so happy to connect w you here and on Twitter. I can never have enough sexy friends! ❤️❤️❤️

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      • I’ve found a few sexy people to talk to here, but even here it’s quite closed. I share this blog with a friend and we both keep it a bit low key.

        You must have a bit of a gathering?

        It’s good to chat with you…

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    • That’s the thing…I’ve known quite a few males that aren’t very interested (not talking about you obviously😏) in sex but society teaches that girls want it less and I’m finding out that isn’t true…(NOT in my case…but true with other women, too!). I guess that is one reason I started writing this blog! Sexual Freedom for everyone!!!!


      • Unfortunately for males, there is not the luxury of satisfying there needs at a whim. To do so involves lieing, stealing, fighting, being judged constantly and labeled dogs pervs sick, etc. the shame that comes with being a male is constant and unrelenting, were as females can pick and choose, and any “perversions” are in fact applauded. By females and males as brave. This is what males have always resented about females, there freedoms and unaccountably (at least in male eyes). Imagine if males were able to simply sit in a bar and wait to be approached, to have the luxury of being able to pick and choose at will. To have there “kinks ” embraced. Good lord, if it were not for females to rain in, control, and direct there desires, men everywhere would be exploring there sexuality freely. Which can be both a good and bad thing, if not for females to regulate those desires.


      • Sex and sexually, has and always will be the exclusive domain of females girls and only girls police girls, and girls have and always will police, regulate, control, and sanction or veto ALL male desires, being sole judge and jury of what is exceptable behavior. The hand that rocks the cradle, rules and has always ruled the world.


      • I may even go way out on a limb to dare suggest that males, given there testosterone filled nature, are in fact, extremely repressed sexually and emotionally, through no fault of there own. Being policed and scroutanised daily by a very harsh judgmental society.

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